Applying technology to education

Reinvent Recess Digital, LLC

The only reading comprehension apps based on metacognition - proven strategies that help kids become better readers.

Reading Comprehension - our specialty

Does your state have A reading guarantee? 


Over 200,000 children face this real challenge every year.  And an unsettling percentage of our kids are failing.  Failing means the child will not advance to the next grade.  Teachers do their best, but it is not enough...

Our COmpany 

Reinvent Recess Digital was founded in 2014 in Central Ohio by people who share a passion to make a difference in a child's life.

Our mission is to achieve the day when no child lacks the education necessary to succeed.  We are applying technology to education to help accomplish this goal.

With people making the difference, we are Reinvent Recess Digital, LLC.

Reinvent Recess Digital, LLC is an app development company focused

 on education from PreK-12.  Our apps are based on PARCC / Common Core State Standards  and are designed and written by award winning teachers and authors.

 Our goal is to use technology to make learning easy and fun.