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One of the goals of Reinvent Recess Digital is to make reading fun.  We strive not just to have a child pass a test, but to make them an avid reader for life.  To help find appropriate reading material for your child, below is a list (by age) of some popular, award winning books, as well as books our own children have read and enjoyed.

We love feedback!  Please send us an email and tell us what you think.  We would also love your help!  Give us a suggestion to add to our page.  If your child is the first to suggest a book (or series), we'll include their first name (with their parents permission, of course), hometown and a quote on why they liked the book!  Get your child involved in the process of helping others learn to love reading!


Does Your state have a reading guarantee?

Applying technology to education

Over 200,000 children face this real challenge every year.  And an unsettling percentage of our kids are failing.

Failing means the child will not advance to the next grade.  Teachers do their best, but it is not enough.  Worse, many parents don't know how to help.

Simply put, the biggest challenge for parents is to find and understand their child's problem areas.  Unfortunately, most of us are not experts in reading comprehension.  That's where we come in.  After all, to paraphrase Charles Kettering, a well-defined problem is half-solved.

Our questions are written to reveal trends in wrong responses and identify weaknesses.  Our software is designed to analyze the data and produce a simple, understandable, actionable report.  To add reliability, realistic practice tests collect data in near-test like conditions.  Further, we balanced maintaining children's interest with the ability to concentrate.

It is time for higher standards for our children...and the educational apps they use.  Experience our design, experience technology applied to education, experience Reinvent Recess Digital.

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